Ali Stunt


I reflect in the Huffington Post today about our decision to launch the most successful pancreatic cancer advertising campaign ever 4 years ago! “While no early detection test exists, raising awareness of pancreatic cancer is the first step towards early diagnosis and, ultimately, to save lives. “This is why, in 2014, we took the decision to run with an advertising campaign that promptly put pancreatic cancer into people’s consciousness across the globe… Read More

Ali Stunt talks to Channel 5 about potential delays in chemotherapy treatments at Churchill Hospital, Oxford

On Wednesday 10th January, I drove up to Oxford at the request of Channel 5/ITN News to give my comments for the evening news bulletin on a memo leaked by the Head of Chemotherapy at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford to the Times newspaper. In the memo, Dr Andrew Weaver blamed a 40 per cent shortage in specialist cancer nurses trained to administer chemotherapy medication as the reason why the Churchill Hospital would… Read More

“It is a bittersweet irony that on the anniversary of surviving nine years following pancreatic cancer, I am awaiting the results of a CT scan to see if anything nasty has returned.”

In November 2015, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, I spent a week educating primary care professionals, scientists and politicians across Europe.  Here is a diary of my adventures: Friday 6th November: Primary Care Society of Gastroenterology, London At the Primary Care Society of Gastroenterology, I presented to primary care specialists with an interest in gastroenterology. While they naturally knew about pancreatic cancer, many were informed by the statistics, the causes and risks and some… Read More

When I launched Pancreatic Cancer Action in 2010, I chose the pansy to be the logo at the time.  While the Pancreatic Cancer Action logo has been updated, the pansy is still an important party of the charity and to me personally. It all started with the colour purple. Some, all or none of you may know that purple is the internationally recognised colour for pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer charities in the… Read More

We’ve sadly seen a few of our treasured celebrities and legendary greats such as David Bowie, Lemmy, Alan Rickman and lately Sir Terry Wogan pass away from cancer over the past few weeks. Alan Rickman, we now know, suffered pancreatic cancer. Not a nice start to the New Year, especially for their families and friends. And while the media and press has been full of tributes, the headlines have screamed “silent battle… Read More

On World Cancer Day, Cancer Research UK released new statistics to show that cancer deaths are falling with ten year survival rates of some cancers improving significantly since 1971. It is of course fantastic to see such an increase in survival rates with  testicular cancer rates increasing from 69% to 98%, and 57% of patients diagnosed with bowel cancer, which used to have one of the lowest survival rates, will now survive ten… Read More