Why we are saying ‘goodnight’ to pancreatic cancer.

#PJsforPanCanToday (Monday 16th April, 2018) we are launching our PJs for PanCan campaign. This campaign, while originally a fundraising idea, is also a method through which we can raise the profile of pancreatic cancer; the disease, its symptoms and  risks across the UK.

So, we are hoping that people across the UK will unite to say goodnight to pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer has been kept in the dark for too long, in terms of lack of awareness, funding and attention. Survival rates have barely increased since the early 1970’s with only 5% of patients surviving beyond five years following diagnosis.

This, combined with increasing incidence across the UK, means that pancreatic cancer is the Cinderella of cancers and will continue to be a nightmare for patients and their families unless significant inroads are made in terms of investment and attention.

So, by wearing pyjamas at work, school, the gym or at your community event you will be helping us to bring pancreatic cancer back into the light by raising the profile of the disease and much needed funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action to help us continue our work.

The whole team of PCA is getting involved by wearing our pyjamas to work today. I would like to thank those of you who are joining in today, but if you haven’t been able to organise a Pyjamas for PanCan event for today, it’s not too late.

You can still join in any day in April. To find out how, visit www.panact.org/pyjamasforpancan or give us a call on 0303 040 1770.

To find out more information about pancreatic cancer; signs, symptoms and treatment, visit: www.pancreaticcanceraction.org 

pjs for pancan

If you are taking part share you photos with us! #PJsforPanCan

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