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Monthly Archives: January 2018

You will see that on social media and via our website, we often use a purple pansy as a symbol, and many ask, “Why the purple pansy?” Well, it all started in 2010 when I founded Pancreatic Cancer Action, using the pansy as a logo, and continued to use it until 2015 until we re-branded. However, I had and still do have, a sentimental attachment to the pansy and I didn’t want… Read More

Researchers at Barts Cancer Institute, London, have recommended that all women over 30 should be tested for BRCA gene mutations.  Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute last week, the study estimates that if this recommendation is implemented, tens of thousands of lives will be saved.    The researchers claim that routine screening for the BRCA mutation will pick up those women who either do not have or are not aware… Read More

Today came the remarkable news that researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the USA , and published in Science  have developed a non-invasive blood test that can detect 70% of eight common cancers, including pancreatic cancer – even at the early stages. They have even said that this is relatively inexpensive; the same cost of a colonoscopy for example. The way the test, known as CancerSEEK, works is to detect DNA mutations and… Read More

Ali Stunt talks to Channel 5 about potential delays in chemotherapy treatments at Churchill Hospital, Oxford

On Wednesday 10th January, I drove up to Oxford at the request of Channel 5/ITN News to give my comments for the evening news bulletin on a memo leaked by the Head of Chemotherapy at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford to the Times newspaper. In the memo, Dr Andrew Weaver blamed a 40 per cent shortage in specialist cancer nurses trained to administer chemotherapy medication as the reason why the Churchill Hospital would… Read More