Educating the UK workforce about pancreatic cancer

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Ali Stunt and Lucy de’Lemos at the Health & Wellbeing Show, NEC March 7-8 2017

On March 7-8 we exhibited at the Health and Wellbeing at Work show at the NEC in Birmingham. This gave us an opportunity to discuss pancreatic cancer with Occupational Health (OH) professionals from organisations large and small from across the UK.

We stressed the lack of public awareness about pancreatic cancer (70% of the UK population does not know where their pancreas is) and that in the UK, 40% of patients are under the age of 69 and some therefore will be in the workplace.

We talked about our Pancreatic Cancer Aware campaign and its dedicated website and how some of those assets, including videos, can be used on their company intranets and in their internal health and wellbeing emails.

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The Pancreatic Cancer Aware Campaign

We talked about how, by utilising Pancreatic Cancer Action’s comprehensive awareness materials, we can try to improve early diagnosis by making the UK workforce more aware of the disease and its symptoms and risks.

We had an excellent response and have had a lot of requests for literature and for us to visit some of the organisations to talk to their staff. Most Occupational Health professionals told us that they have not ever had an awareness drive on pancreatic cancer and that they would be keen to do so in the future.

This for us is a fantastic opportunity to work with Occupational Health professionals to communicate our messages about pancreatic cancer to their teams and to staff within their organisations.

If you would like us to visit your company to talk about pancreatic cancer or provide your Occupational Health team with pancreatic cancer awareness materials, please get in touch. 

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